The rates for escorts in Ibiza shown at Royal Escort Ibiza are for time and companionship only and not for any illegal or immoral act. Any personal conduct of an intimate nature is a matter of agreement between two consenting adults and behind closed doors or a similar private manner or place. We hold no responsibility for the conduct of parties:

  • A visitor of this website who hires an escort via the phone or
  • An escort who have approached Escort Ibiza

The rates for escorts in Ibiza may vary according to the season time. Escort Ibiza are purely an advertising and handling agency who continually strives to connect two individuals. The two individuals concerned are:

  • Gentlemen or ladies who contact us with the intention of making a date or appointment with one of escort who advertise themselves on website, and
  • Escorts who have agreed to hire our services to promote themselves online or with intention enabling Escort Ibiza

to act as virtual reception to ensure there is a satisfactory or successful date as the result.

Therefore we cannot be held responsible or accountable for the actions of the involved parties or for any situation that results during or at any time after the date/appointment/booking and as such the above mentioned parties are responsible for their own actions.

This Royal Escort Ibiza Agency cannot be held liable.

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